Friday, February 18, 2005

Single Speeds Rule

Today was another glorious day. It was cold which meant the trails were frozen. Matt and I met at White Clay to ride our mountain bikes in the woods. I was loving life riding my Desalvo with a rigid fork and a 34 X 18 gearing, Matt showed up on his old school Bontrager that he set up as a single speed. It is a cool bike, but to get the chain right without using a tensioner he has to go two to one. We were cruising and having a great time. The skills trail is just awesome, and there is some more in the works, ( Dave Bartoo rules ). We headed for the boundary trail and went up the steeper shorter climb. I must say I was leading at the time and this was definitely on pupose. We came down the fun twisty side. We continued on and ended up heading back to the boundary trail only this time we headed up the longer not as steep part and headed over to the
(your not supposed to ride your bike hear) section. Looped around the main loop some more then started back to the top. This was really cool because I knew "the tree" was done and ready to ride. It turned out really cool. Matt went across flawlessly, I dabbed at the end. I went back and did it again. We continued on and finished up just as the trails were starting to thaw out from the sun.

I must say, there is nothing like riding my single speed on some of the sweetest single track around. White Clay has become my favorite place to ride. We ended up with 1:50 ride time and did I mention it was in the woods on mountain bikes.

Later some of us were headed to Granogue to start doing trail maintenance . We had quite a few people show up for a Friday afternoon. It was Matt. Craig, Fuzzy, Lauri, Jeb, his friend, Lynn, and myself. Fuzzy cut in alot of the trail we had to re-route, and the rest of us cut the fallen trees out of the way. There were quite a few but it was nice to get a jump on things.
Tomorrow there is a major work party,( I don't know why it is called a party) we should have the whole team out. Hopefully we get the things we have planned accomplished.

Time to go, My beer is empty and I have to get another one.

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