Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dose of reality

Todays ride was from Lauri's house. I didn't know what loop we were going to do, but I thought we would take it easy. As we were leaving Brian was coming home to join us. We turned around and waited for him. We decided to do a loop called the Hills from Hell. It is a tough loop all the hills are really steep. I had been feeling pretty good lately, but noy today. I just didn't have it. I guess this is all part of training. It is a little disappointing to know I'm not going to ride strong every time I get on a bike.

We hit all the tough hills, The Landenberg Wall, 841, The Neighborhood climb, Lauri didn't want to skip any of them. Brian was flying today. He went up some of these hills like they were nothing. I was happy just to keep him in sight. I hope this is just a bad day and not something else. I will find out tomorrow when Matt and I do a mountain bike ride on the frozen trails in the morning. Even if I don't feel great it will be awesome to ride my mountain bike again.

Well I am out of here, gotta feed the dogs and go to dinner with my parents.


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