Wednesday, March 16, 2005

AHHH! The Good Old Days

Yesterday was tough day but a fun day. It started with me doing an interval workout in the morning. I had to do what Marc calls MK intervals. They really suck, I don't like doing them but they make you faster so I do them anyway. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do one set or two, so I would see how I felt after the first and take it from there. Let me explain what an MK is, you warm up for 20-30 minutes then you go as hard as you can for 2 minutes then rest for 2 minutes, then go as hard as you can for 1:45 than rest for 1:45, and you keep this up counting down in 15 second intervals until you hit 15 seconds. If you don't think that sounds that hard try it. I got through my first set, then recovered for 5 minutes and started the second, but my legs would have none of it. Not to mention I felt like I was going to puke. So I headed fro home trying to ride tempo, HR at 160 for 30 minutes. I was a little disappointed in myself for not doing two sets, but I was going to ride my mountain bike later in the day, so I will hit them harder next time.

The best part of the day was still to come. We were doing a group ride at middle run in the evening, I couldn't wait. I got there early, then everybody started showing up. It was a great group, SS (no chainring can hold me) Dan, Marc V, Matty T, Todd, Fuzzy, Keith(I know more one ball jokes than you) G, and later we picked up Slick Rick. We started with a loop around the judge. It was a blistering pace, until I flatted, the group went on and Keith stayed back while I fixed the flat. Keith and I took off again and as I was hammering up a small hill my chain flew off. Until then I didn't think it was possible to do a flip while going up hill but I do now. When we got back to the lot all were waiting. I tightened my chain and we were off. The trails were awesome, they were even dusty in some places. Matt was setting a nice pace, and we were having a blast and then I flitted again. Thanks to all the guys who took care of me the second time, Matt with the tube, Rick with the quick stick, and Marc with the co2. Once again we were off. It was a great ride, and it was cool to hang out and have a beer afterwards. This has to be one of the fastest group of mountain bikers around. Marc is getting faster everyday, Keith just had a cancerous testicle removed and he was flying. I love riding with the caliber of riders we have around here. Not only are they all fast but they are a great bunch of people. I can't wait for the next big ride.

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