Friday, March 18, 2005

"Everybody Hurts Sometimes"

I haven't been felling that great on the bike this week. I tried to ride wed. and felt like shit. I usually do a work out on Thursday but decided it skip it yesterday. Instead I was going to do the group ride at Rittenhouse and Iron Hill. Keith G had called the night before to make sure someone was going to show up. I love riding with Keith and decided it would be good to wait until late afternoon to ride. I later found out Alan (the cleaner) Turns and Fuzzy were meeting at 5 to ride rittenhouse then meet everybody else at 6. I decided to meet them at 5. Rittenhouse was dry, with the exception of a couple of mud holes. I couldn't believe it, I haven't seen it like this in a very long time. It was really cool riding Rittenhouse with Alan again. It used to be an every Thursday thing, but times they are a changing, It was fast and fun. On the way back we picked up a dog. We saw him and his owner in the way out. Coming back the dog decided to follow us. Fuzzy and Alan led him back and I went on to meet Keith. I looked at the time and saw it was 5:38, I figured I could get back to the pavilion easily. I was cruising at a pretty fast pace, when I noticed it was 5:56 and I had just reached the pool. I can remember doing the whole trail in under 20 minutes, while riding easier that I was now. I took off through the roots, that section is one of my favorite trails anywhere, I was going as hard as I could. I got to the pavilion at 6:00 and Keith was coming down the road.
We headed back into Rittenhouse to meet the other guys and found them quickly. Alan was done, so the three of us went on, I was happy to ride Rittenhouse again. I was in front and just tried to keep the pace steady. We got to Elkton Road and Fuzzy was having back problems so he turned around. Keith and I went on, I was not having my best day technically. I was dabbing and fumbling along. Keith seemed to be floating over everything, he has really taken to the whole 29er thing. If your are not on your toes the whole time Rittenhouse will eat you alive. I wasn't feeling very strong today and after one of my many bobbles Keith jumped to the front. Man that guy is fun to watch ride, and he set a nice pace, fast but not brutal. When we got back to the parking lot, I noticed I had 2 hours in. Keith suggested Iron Hill. How could I say no, we went for it. Getting there was a little interesting because the bridge over I 95 is closed and torn up. It just took getting off the bike a couple of times but it wasn't too bad. We went into Iron Hill and started climbing. I was really hurting but the trails were good and I was having fun so we did a quick lap. Keith wanted to put his Curtlo 29er to the test so we went down "Fuzzy's" trail. It was all I could do to keep him in sight. The 29er past the test and we started making our way back. It was a great ride, I am not sure how many miles I had but I ended up with 3 hours. Not too bad for a Thursday night.

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