Sunday, March 27, 2005

All Good Things Must End

I found myself waking up at 5:00am, needing to go to the bathroom and feeling a little foggy. The weather outside was cloudy and chilly, but even with all that I had smile on my face. We were going to ride White clay today, which meant showing off the fine trails I get to ride all the time. None of us was feeling very frisky after yesterday, but it was all good. We started with a nice group this morning. We had Todd, Keith, Matty T, Alan, Ted, Danno, Karl and myself. We shot straight down the Brian's field loop, We were just starting the little climb from the bottom when Alan shouted HOLD UP. We had lost Karl already. I was thinking where could he have gone we had only meen riding for 3 minutes. I turned around to go find him, I got all the way back to the parking lot to find him fixing a flat.

We took off to meet up with the other guys again. We hit the skills trail, which is really cool with the stunt taht goes around the rocks. It is about a foot off the ground and about 10" wide and twisty. We didn"t run into the others so we went on. We got to the bottom of Shock and Awe and then I remembered Keith telling me we will meet you at the skills trail. So we waited at the big map and evetually everybody came down and we were a group again. I have to tell you my legs were dead. I think all the guys that did the Icicle yesterday was feeling the same way. We rode steady and regrouped at all intersections. It wasn't a very long ride but we had a good time. I think Dan and Karl liked our trails. Hopefully next time we can show them everything. We did hit all of White Clay and nobody else really wanted more.

I want to thank Alan for escorting the boys to I-95, because none of us could think of simple directions from where we were. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves this weekend.
Well I need to go hit the couch so I am out of here.

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