Saturday, March 26, 2005

On Your Left

Today was the Icicle metric century. The weather worked out, it was cloudy but not too cold, it was actually quite comfortable. We were 15 strong today, which was the best part. I haven't seen that many Wooden Wheels jerseys together in a long time. We had, in no particular order;
Matty T, Karl, Dan O, Paul, Ted logic, SS Dan, Mike K, Andrew, Alan, Kurtee, Jay, Tom, DenS, and myself. It didn't take long for things to get frisky. On the first climb Ted went and Matt followed. It didn't lead to much , but it set the tone. We pretty much hammered the whole ride. Slowly guys werw falling off the back, until we were down to 8. Even 50 miles in the pace wqas still fast. The ride of the day goes to Dan Lichtenberger, he was flying up the hills today. A couple of times I thought he went to early and Mike or myself would catch him, but we couldn't. I also have to give big Props to Matty T, who spent almost the whole day at the front setting a brutal pace.It was a typical WW ride Attack the hills and regroup at the top, except everybody was right there at the top so the pace stayed pretty high. By the time the Main group was done we came in at 3:30 hours with an 18.05 mph average. Not bad for 63.5 miles.

After the ride a group of us went to Iron Hill brewery for lunch. This was a good time. Especialy the hostess Adrien, a very pleasnt sight after looking at guys in spandex all day.

To put the capper on the day I took the New York boys to Victory for dinner. Man that place rules. We had to wait 20 minutesfor a table so I turned the boys on to a Victory special called a Dark Devil, it's a mix of Hop Devil and Storm King Stout, one fantastic beer. After that while we were eating dinner we had a couple of bottles of V12, AWESOME BEER. It was a great day. I am looking forward to riding Mountain bikes with these guys tomorrow.
Well it is late and I am tired so Later

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