Monday, March 07, 2005

And So It Begins

Although I tried I was unable to find anybody to share in my pain today. I started my intensity, and kicked things off with Power Hill Repeats. The object of these is low heart rate and low cadence while turning a big gear. I am supposed to do them on a climb that is no more than a minute long. Well I have a loop that's got two hills that fit the description. I put them into a loop of about 3 miles. Today I did 3 1/2 laps, that's 7 hill climbs, 4 seated and 3 standing. I was feeling pretty good during my little warm up, then I hit the first hill, OUCH. Pushing a big gear up a pretty steep hill while seated is a real bitch. I goota tell you though i kind of get a rush out of pushing myself hard. It was a good start to intensity. The other cool thing about doing these workouts is that they don't take long. 1 hour in and I was done. I decided to scout out a route for doing intervals. I needed to find a relatively flat road at least 5 miles long. I had an idea and wanted to see if it was going to work or not. I got on the road I was thinking of and the head wind slammed me right in the face. I am thinking, Yeah this will do just fine. So now I have all my work out routes planned.

When I got done and got home I wasn't feeling too bad. I was starting to wonder if I pushed hard enough. Then when I took the dogs for a short walk I realized my legs were killing me. I guess I did push hard enough after all. I will take off tomorrow, it's supposed to be shitty anyway.

Well that's about it for me so later.

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