Wednesday, March 09, 2005

From Frozen to Thawed

My original plan for today was to go out on the road and do my interval workout. That was until Matt called me at 8:00pm last night and mentioned how cold is was going to be today. This meant we cold ride the trails. I mean, I can do intervals tomorrow so how could I pass on the opportunity to ride my single speed in the woods. We planned on meeting at 8:00am so we could get as much frozen trail time as possible. When I was on my way to the Possum Hill lot Todd called me to say he would be there but he would be a little late. The more the merrier. I got there about 7:45 a couple minutes later I heard a bell ringing, it was Andrew coming up the fire road. This is turning into quite a ride for a wed. morning. Matt shows up and we are off. We started down the trail and not even a minute into the ride I heard Matt yell FUCK. I turned around and sure enough he had just broken one of his egg beater pedals. It was ironic because I had broken one in the exact same spot, which was the last time I used egg beaters. So Andrew and I went on, we quickly ran into Todd who was coming the other way. He turned around and we were off. Todd and I took the skills trail, Andrew was riding his rigid SS an wasn't exactly used to it so he was waiting for us on the other end.

We headed to the boundary trail and went up the shorter but steeper side. When we got to the top Todd wanted to do the Pa side as an out and back, Andrew had to go so we parted ways. Todd and I were on our way back up and what do you know, it was Matt, he had gone home and put new pedals on and came back. Funny we had just lost one and then picked one right back up. We headed back to the main trails and I jumped in front. I wanted to see how my legs were feeling. I took off, and was surprised by how good I felt. We regrouped and headed back towards the parking lot. I asked if anybody wanted to hit Middle Run and everybody was game. Just as we were getting ready to take off Todd noticed he had a flat. This was his second of the day so he was done. Matt and I headed for MR and went on over to the Judge. It was really starting to thaw so we made a B line for the parking lot. It was a greta ride I ended up with 2:40 on my SS with some good friends. Not bad for a Wendsday.

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