Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NyQuil Haze

After Saturdays ride I thought I was back on track, I would take two days off then start intensity again. Sunday I felt the hint of a head cold, I tried treating it in hopes it would go away. That didn't happen, Sunday night it hit me pretty hard. For the past two nights I have been slamming the NyQuil like it was Hop Devil. I was opptomistic that I would feel better today and be able to ride. I did feel a little better and it was really nice outside so I thought I would give it a try. I decided to ride my Ionic today,not a good idea. I was cruising down a hill and the chain jumped off, I knew it was tight when I started. I re-tensioned the EBB, but when I was tightening the screw it stipped out. Needless to say I was F***ING Pissed. I was on my way back when I ran into LWeb and Dennis. We talked for a minute but I wanted to go home and get my always relaible Deslavo and get back for a ride.

I made it back a little after 4:00pm and noticed Alan, and Fuzzy's cars in the lot. I headed out to do my own thing. Since I've been sick I wanted to take it easy. As I was making my way to the Boundary trail i ran into Andrew and a couple of his friends. We talked for a second and he mentioned "the boys just went up the hill". "How long ago"? "Just now". I decided I could lay down one good effort and try to catch them, as I was taking off I heard Andrew telling me to remeber to REST. I hope he doesn't think I was being rude, I just wabted to try and catch Alan, Fuzzy, and Matt. I hit the bottom section of the climb and didn't feel too bad. When I hit the last little kicker I was quickly reminded that I was still a little sick. As soon as I could see the road I saw the boys. I pushed to try and catch them befrore they hit the down hill. It was close I had to ring my bell to get there attention. So I tagged onto there group for a bit. Fuzzy and Alan were headed for Zingos to do the Judge with the 5:30 group, while Matt and I did a little more of White Clay. Matt was paked at tht Ticking Tomb so we split at the ranger staion. I ended up with a nice little ride. I got to ride with some friends on some awesome trails.

Then while I was getting changed to head back home Chris Vann rolls up. It was good to see him on a bike. I haven't seen him in a while. Well I didn't feel any worse when I was done so hopefully it won't set me back any. We will see how I feel tomorrow. Well that's all I got.

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