Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Better the Second Time

I took off yesterday, I thought about doing a recovery ride but it didn't happen. Todays ride was at Granogue and I thought it was going to be a death march. I got there early as usual and headed out on my own. I was running a slightly easier gear and it was obvious. I felt pretty good. I made just about all the climbs today, and I did 3 trips around Weymoths again. I am looking forward to doing 3 full laps on Sunday.

I got to ride part of lap with Matty T, Billdo, and Ted Logic. I also caught up with Fitzy for little while, it's good to see him out riding. There were many others getting ready to head out as I was calling it a night. We even ran into SS Dan on his sweet Walt Works. The course is really coming together and starting to dry out. Let's hope for a nice stretch of dry weather to keep it that way.

No trails tomorrow, I have to do intervals, YEAH!

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