Friday, April 15, 2005

Rubber Side Down!

My lovely wife is always kind enough to remind me not to fall off my bike. I really should have listened last night. I hit White Clay a little after four, rode by myself for a little while then met up with MattyT and fat Marc. My intention was to get 3 hours at nice steady pace. Well, Matt was feeling really good and was laying the smack down all night. I msut admit I would have done the same thing if I was the one felling good.

As it turns out my legs felt like lead weights hanging from my ass. But I hung on. The trails were awesome, I had done a lap around White Clay already, so the 3 of us headed fro Middle Run to meet up with Slick Rick. We hit Judge Morris, or should I say Judge Morris hit me. We flying along pretty good when my pedal caught something and I crashed hard. Luckily I hit my head on a downed tree limb instaed of the ground. I was more pissed off a bout bashing my right knee again, it had just healed from the last time. We finished the judge and headed back to White Clay via Middle Run. We were going down one of the less used trails, which I really like. When at the bottom my front wheel washed out on me and I hit the ground AGAIN, just as hard as the first time. No blood this time. Got back up and we took off again. Matt was relentless, I heard Marc ask him to back off a couple of times which I was glad to hear.

Despite the crashes it was a great ride, we played around on the skills trail while Marc took some pictures, Slick Rick even rode up the skinny bridge,Fast and mad skills. Man there is nothing like a 3 hour mountain bike ride to clear your head.

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