Saturday, April 09, 2005

Good Karma Goes a Long Way

In years past Marc V, Alan and I would do a ride the day before a race. We always rode rittenhouse, and it was always early in the morning. It was a great way to spin the legs and clear the head before a race. In other words, get our karma aligned. This tradition has slowly faded and I find it a bit sad. So this morning I tried to start a new tradition. The ride was at White Clay, and was to be short and easy. This morning was the first edition of the season. With Blue Marsh tomorrow I wanted to get in a nice easy 1-1.5 hour ride. To be honest I expected a bigger turn out, but sometimes you take quality over quantity. The group was, James, Keith, and myself. James had to get back at a certain time so he left us a bit early, but it was good to ride with again, and it won't be long before his form comes back. Keith and I did the usual loop and finished up with 1:15. We took it easy and had a really good ride. It was funny, because we were able to have a conversation the whole time. I am looking forward to racing with Keith for the first time. It should be fun.

Now I want to back track to last night. I had my local union shrimp feast. It is catered by Feeby's, and boy do they put out a spread. The biggest shrimp I have ever seen, Alaskan crab legs, Dungeonous crab legs, oysters, clams, and many other seafood delights. I kind of went WAY OFF my diet but what the hell. It was a good time.

As I was pulling into my driveway last night. I saw Billdo coming from picking up a bike he was borrowing from Matty T. I stopped and talked a bit, then my cell phone rang and it was Rachael telling me one of the horses was having it's baby. So I stopped by the barn on my way in and got to see the foal being born. It was pretty cool. After it was out it immediately started trying to stand up. I watched this for about a half an hour then decided it was time to head home. It is a girl by the way. Pretty big too.

Well Rachael and I are going out to eat and I have a race tomorrow so I am out of here.

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