Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where Did All These People Come From?

After 2 days off the bike it was time ride again today. The ride of choice, Granogue of course. As hard as that place is I am really starting to like rding there a lot. Once again I got there early and did a lap by myself. I kind of took it easy, and cleared some twigs and branches as I went. I felt pretty good but a little sluggish. After my first lap there was still nobody else there so I did a half a lap, then waited for the group to get ready as people started arriving. There were a lot of people out tonight, the usual suspects which included Matty, Marc, John C, and then there were some special guests. Big Ben Yoder, and his teammates, Marcus and 3 others whose names I didn't know, also big bad ass 2 - 1 Nick Shaffer, and Leo the roady guy. We had a good lap, well except for my little crash, no damage though. I still felt OK the second lap, but not great.

I am really hoping for little or no rain the next few days because right now the course is perfect. I think I have it dialed in pretty good too. Whether that gives me an advantage or not remains to be seen, but one can hope.

I must go eat my dinner now so later people.

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