Friday, April 01, 2005

Wrong Gear at the Wrong Time

Yesterday I went to granogue to do some raking and ride a couple of laps. I got about half way through Deputy"s woods and broke my rake and just about that time Matty T showed up so it was time to ride. This was my first chance to ride the course in this direction, which is a figure 8. I loved the start flying down to the river, but I knew what was coming. For starters I was running too hard of a gear. I didn't have time to change it the night before. I am hoping it will be just a little easier when I gear down. I think the course is definitely harder this year, but I also liked it alot. I believe once I have the right gear ratio, the whole course will be ridable. We managed two laps, but they weren't the fastest that's for sure. I am a bit nervous about doing 3 laps on a single speed but it should be fun.

The best part of the ride was, drinking a beer after. Matt and I had a couple of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPAs, good stuff. From now on I will be getting a lot of laps at Granogue, starting next week it will be our Tuesday night ride. Next time I will be ready with a slightly easier gear.

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