Thursday, March 31, 2005

Wrong Gear at the Wrong Time

I got to ride Granogue for the first time in the direction. It is definitely harder. Of course I was running too hard of a gear. I wanted to change it before I rode, but I didn't have time. Matt and I did manage 2 laps tonight though. It's kind of scary knowing I have to do 3 in the race. On the bright side I really like the course this way. I was also surprised that no one else was out tonight. We spotted Andrew's truck but he didn't stick around long. Starting next week this will be our tuesday night ride. It should draw more folks. I know it is hard, and not as much fun as White Clay and Middle Run, but to have it ready for May 1st we have to ride it. While Matt and I were relaxing and having a beer after we were done, and some kids were showing off on there dirt bikes. I hear Matt yell HOLY SHIT! One of the kids launched off of the bank by where we park and landed abot a hundred feet away. As coocl as that was, these guys are really tearing up our trails. The problem is we can't tell them not to ride hear because they all live there. It is a bit frustrating considering all the work we've put into the trails.

I am looking forward to Tuesday night, and hopefully riding with a big group. It's been a tough week on the bike,so i will take tomorrow off and hope for no rain on Saturday.

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