Sunday, April 03, 2005

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Even though there was no scheduled ride today, I heard rumors of a ride. Matt had called and told about a ride with Marc, DJ Slick Rick, and Brent Biddle. I got the call at about 9:00 am telling me to be at the shop at 10:00. I rushed around loaded up and headed to the shop. I knew today was going to be tough because of the 30 mph winds. But I needed the hours. We decided on doing the Barksdale loop, hoping for a little shelter from the wind. We didn't find such shelter. The group worked together and we all suffered at the front for a while, it was more like the first 1:45. It was either dead in our face or blowing us off the road. We did the pace line thing and just pushed through it. About an hour and a half in Marc headed for home. We continued to battle the head wind a little while longer. Then we made one right turn and everybody breathed a sigh of relief. We finally had a tail wind. I thought we would use this oppertunity to recover but DJ Slick Rick wanted to take advantage of the tail wind so he drove to the front and set a blistering pace. Man, how does that little guy do it. He is a freaking animal. We hit a couple of hills through down some attacks and then settled in for the trek home. It was a good ride, and it's nice to know the people you are riding with are willing to do there share of the work.

Even with the nasty head wind for the majority of the ride we still averaged 18 mph for 2:45. Not a bad ride at all.
Well I am going to settle in on the couch and watch the Tour of Flanders on OLN.

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