Thursday, May 12, 2005

Weird Thoughts Running Through My Head!

My original plan today was to do the group ride at Fair Hill. Well, I got out of work early and decided to ride alone. I was hoping for 2:30 - 3:00 hours. I headed to White Clay/Middle Run. I rode all of Middle Run and Judge Morris. Th whole time my mind was wondering aimlessly. I was thinking about everything form upcoming races to what I would do if I won the lottery. I was picturing myself winning Neshaminy this Sunday. Like I said I was in a fantasy world. I was having a really good ride though.

After Middle Run I headed for White Clay. I was feeling pretty good so I thought I would give Andrew's gauntlet a shot. Andrew put together a little loop to test his fitness. His fastest time was an 8:03, my coaches was 8:25, so I was hoping for under 8:00. I hit the loop with just about everything I had and in the end I came in at 8:08. I thought "I can do better" so I did it again and did an 8:00 flat. I gotta tell you it was really hard, I was pegged the whole time and it was all I could to pull that time. Then later on I find out I wasn't doing the right loop. The loop I did was a little longer than Andrew's. So I was feeling pretty good after that. Now that I know the loop I will try it next week just to make sure.

Well my beer is empty and I need to flip the burgers so Later.

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Anonymous said...

No offense, but I think the loop you took is shorter. The other way has more singletrack that winds out to the fireroad.