Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another Scorcher...

It was so hot at work today I had to leave. I was getting a head ache and not feeling well at all. The building I was working was about 25-30 degrees hotter than outside. I went to the park at Lunch time ate a sandwhich, and drank some juice, but just couldn't see myself going back. Driving down the road with the AC blasting I started to feel better. I made a pit stop at Henry's then decided to go ride.

I am trying to get used to the heat. I didn't ride hard, but kept a nice steady tempo for 2:15, I never felt aweful but I didn't feel awesome either. I recently switched to a rigid fork to get ready for the 24 Hours of Big Bear. Matty T, fatmarc, SS Dan and myself are signed up for the Rigid Single Speed class. Tuesdaynight was the first ride rigid in months and it beat the shit out of me. I went to some cushier Oury grips and a higher volume tire and it felt a lot better tonight. I do like rigid but it does take a little getting used to.

I am really stoked about this 24 hour race, racing with Marc, Matt and Dan is going to be a blast, not to mention we have a pretty good chance to do well.

I have to go now, It is time to cook dinner.
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Anonymous said...

I will not talk about it here, but you know you guys have a streak with these 24 hour things . . . . .