Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The past couple of days have been crazy. I am trying to get ready for the 24 hours of Big Bear, sell a frame, and build a new bike, The Ionic is sold I am just waiting for the check, I have most of the things I need for the race. I finally got my new Kona built up, and then discovered a small crack on my Ti Desalvo. I almost cried when I realized my favorite bike of all time was cracked. I called Mike Desalvo and he told me to go ahead and race it then send it back when I get done. I think I will race the Kona and have the Desalvo as an emergency or parts bike. Yeah it sucks having a custom ti bike as a back up but what are you going to do.

I picked up a generator from Tom(team den mother). Then I went to Wooden Wheels to pop the headset into the new Kona. While I was there I loaded the trailer we are taking with the generator and a couple of pop up tents.

I got home and finished building the Kona and headed to The TNT ride. It was a small group tonight, Fuz, Paul, Jay, Matty T and kid Chris. The pace was not slow but defintiely milder. I felt good and I really liked the bike. It rides and handles nice. It should be good to race.

Tomorrow it is grocery shopping and packing.

Well I am burned out.
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