Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hot Weather and Hot Rides...

Saturday was the annual Delaware Trail Spinners Poker Run. It is always a good ride and a chance to preview the race course. In the past we already had an idea about the course because Todd was the guy who laid it out. This year he didn't even know the course. We headed out with a good sized group, Todd, fatmarc, Keith G (fresh off his first cycle of chemo) Matty T, Jay, John C, James(team Fort rider) and Fitzy, sorry if I forgot anybody. Marc took the lead and was setting a good pace fast but steady. After about 45 min. Todd jumped to the front and the pace crept up a little. Then Keith (did I mention fresh off of a chemo cycle) jumped in front of Todd, next thin I know I am hanging on for dear life and our nice big group is whittled down to 4, Keith, Todd, John C and myself. The course was the hardest Fair Hill course I have ever done. It is going to be a tough race. About 19 miles into a 22 mile race there is a new semi skills trail. I have a feeling this is going to buckle a few people, especially the long hot field climb after. Don't get me wrong I am totally excited about this race and can't wait for it to happen. When we finally made it back to the end I looked at my watch a noticed we did it in 2:15 and that was counting the 8 minute ride in from Marc's house. One of the trail spinners was surprised he didn't expect anyone to finish in under 2:30. Definitely a good ride and felt surprisingly good.

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