Friday, July 08, 2005

Wow It's Been A While...

I have been a little out if of touch recently. Long days and long nights. Between working Riding and watching the Tour de France, I haven't had much time for other things. I did get in a couple of good rides this week. Matt and I did a little jaunt around White Clay on Wed. and I managed to make the group ride at Fair Hill last night. Although Wed. ride was only 1:30 it was still a great ride. Last night I actually felt GREAT. Todd was setting his usual pace and I was stuck to his wheel like a piece oh horse shit. Our ride also included Brent (getting stronger every ride) Biddle, Jay Jay, and Kurtee. We banged out 2:30 and covered most of the park.

I only hope last nights effort doesn't hurt me tomorrow at Marysville. I am in a position to move into 1st place in the Elite Single Speed class. I never thought that would happen, but Travis has bowed out in order to race at home and this leaves the door open for me. It's kind of weird, all that I've been doing is showing up at all the races. I guess consistency

pays off. Well I am headed for bed.

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