Friday, August 19, 2005

Exciting News...

If you didn't notice it in the title, I will be riding for a new team. After 5 AWESOME years racing for Wooden Wheels, it is time to move on. I have enjoyed every minute I spent with the Wooden Wheels family both as a racer and as a leader. I along with 5 other very close friends have been invited to race for Spot Brand. With fatmarc as our captain it will be a fun, exciting and successful adventure. I will be joined by, Matt (run forrest), Keith G (bobby's boy), Todd, (local old guy with one gear), Andrew (2 hours is never a long enough ride) and Fitzy aka Johann. Even though I will be wearing a different jersey, I will still be a part of the Wooden Wheels family.

This opportunity is a dream come true and I would like to thank Michael and Jessica from Spot for giving me this chance. I also have to thank fatmarc for believing I belong on a team of this caliber. I will do my best to make sure everybody knows I belong on this team. The East Coast Spot Brand Racing Team.

ta ta for now

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gwadzilla said...

does that mean a new bike?