Thursday, August 11, 2005

Iron Hill Pre Ride

Yesterday was a chance to ride the Iron Hill course. The race is this Sunday and I am on the fence as to whether or not I am racing. My plan was to head down and do 3 laps at an easy pace. Since I had went on a road ride in the morning and I was still feeling the effects of Susquehanna I didn't think it was a good idea to hammer. When I got there, there were lots of folks getting ready to ride. The lot was also occupied by men seeking men. Anyone that knows this parks reputation knows what I am talking about.

I headed out with a group consisting of Fort James, Alan The Cleaner and Tood. We also saw Johnny and Karen (it's good to see Johnny riding again) Of course it was fast, Todd is riding very strong right now and he aint afraid to show it. The cours was very short, like 4 miles. The only climb was up Fuzzy's trail, a loose rocky steep bitch of a climb. About 10 minutes into our lap the group was down to Todd and I. We were going fast but not quite race pace. Our lap time was 21 minutes. That makes for a very short race. We headed out fro lap 2, I kind of let Todd go. I wanted to ride my own pace. Todd rolled out a 19 minute lap and mine was 22. All we were thinking about, that is when we weren't heckling the Family men looking for love, was convincing Bill to add a little to at least make it 5.5 miles.

We went out for another loop. This time we rode what we thought would make for a better course. Afterwards we found Bill and showed him our ideas and he liked them and was more than willing to make a couple of changes. I think the new course will be better and a lot more fun.

Now for a couple of observations;
1 seeing a used condom on the course is disturbing.
2 more and more people are getting single speeds.
3 Todd is as fast as ever.
4 Iron Hill is not a family park.
5 being off work while no one else is, is boring.

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Chris Allen said...

OK... So, thanks for letting me know never to ride Iron Hill alone...