Sunday, August 07, 2005

Rides, Team America, and Susquehanna...

It has been a full weekend for me. Saturday I rode in the morning, nice short pre-race ride at White Clay. I was joined by Matt (run Forrest), Fort James, fatmarc (on his new cross bike), Fitzy, Mike K (on fatmarc's Meanie Greenie) and Ted Logic. It was a good ride, somehow I ended up leading. I tried to through in a couple of openers to loosen things up but Mike was the only taker and he wasn't racing the next day. It was a good ride and I was feeling pretty good. Marc bailed and rode home saying "never bring a gun to a knife fight". After an hour it was time to call it quits and head home.

After helping out with the house cleaning it was time to play auto mechanic. That's right, I had to put new brakes and rotors on my truck. The job was easy enough but that brake dust gets every where.
I am not much for reviewing movies but I will give it a shot. I watched Team America World Police. I have to say I liked it, I enjoy satirical humor and this movie was full of it. It is from the makers of South Park so you can imagine it is pretty raunchy. They take stabs at everyone from Hollywood to the Government a lot of it is subtle but very funny. I can't go with out mentioning the puppet love scene. You kind of have to see it to believe it.

I had debated skipping the Susquehanna Scorcher today, but I didn't. I had a good week riding and was looking forward to racing. I knew this was going to be a hard race and I thought I was ready. Lap 1 Things started off good, I was in a good position into the single track and feeling pretty good. I backed off a little to settle into my pace hoping to finish really strong. I was climbing well and rocking the down hills. Then things took a nasty turn, I was cruising down one of the many fun down hills When I caught a water bar the wrong way and bit it pretty hard. I got up and checked myself over, bloody knee and OH Shit sore ribs. I got back on the bike but it took a while until I was able to start really riding again.
Lap 2 I was feeling better at the start of lap 2 but I had slipped into DFL. I wanted to keep my pace and avoid blowing myself up. I was hurting, This is one hard fucking course. I was still able to ride most of the climbs so that was good.

Lap 3 My legs were starting to cramp just a little and to make it worse I was running low on water. I pushed on and started to pass people again and this gave a bit of a boost. As I was finishing lap 3 I asked Howard from Bike Line for a bottle and he hooked me up. Let me tell you about Howard for a second. This guy is the ultimate in team support. He shows up at every race gives all his guys feeds, food and makes sure there bikes are working properly. Not only does he do this for his team, but he does it for anybody that needs it. He always offers me a fresh bottle or a GU. I don't know if he reads my ramblings or not, but if so Thanks A lot you saved me today.

Lap 4 I am now settled into finishing last but I am still going as hard as I can. About half way into the last lap I catch Vicious 29er Chris. He tries to pull away but I was able to stay with him. We hit the blazing hot field climb and he tries to attack again but it cost him and I went by him. I was feeling better, kind of how I felt at the beginning. I was riding climbs I couldn't the lap before, and I just let it fly on the down hills, which were a shit load of fun. I came across the line hurting, tired and thirsty. This was a tough race, I knew it was going to be hard, but not this hard.

Now I must acknowledge a few people for there efforts today. Matty put in another great effort in the endurance race. He finished 7 laps on that course on a single speed, well done dude. Fitzy who brought his PUSS and rode well in the sport single speed class. Karen G had a good day as well, I failed to find out where she finished, but she was ready for a spot on the podium. Bill Doh! Also finished out the endurance series today. Ryan Baby was fling today and took 2nd overall, nicely done.

It was a hard day but I did have fun, even though I was suffering. Unlike last week where I wasn't having fun at all. This time I think I will take a break, I want to have something left in the tank at Single Speed Worlds in 2 weeks, then 7 Springs 2 weeks after that. Well I am tired and ready to call it a night.
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gwadzilla said...

good meeting you face to face
you looked pretty fresh when I saw you after the race
I think everyone could have pulled faster times had we not been forced to stand over our bikes in the shadeless sun for 45 minutes before the race
was that some French Forgein Legion stuff?
not sure
as I was never cut out for the military lifestyle