Sunday, August 28, 2005

Road Rides Can Be Fun!!!

The original plan for today was a mountain bike ride at fair hill. Unfortunately it rained a lot so it was a road ride on no ride. I called Marc and he was game, he has a nice loop from his house and that is what we did. We were joined by and Tom McD. I have done this loop a few times and it always the same, some good hills and a whole lot of attacking. Rick was doing a good job of working us over today. Every time I though I had him he came powering right back. Marc was fresh off vacation so his legs didn't open up right away, but when they did he was flying off the front when ever the opportunity came. Tom was the same way, he wasn't feeling it for the first half but got a lot stronger as the day went on. This was the first ride in a long time for me where I felt really good. I could put in a big attack and recover to do it again. Despite the rain this was a fun ride and a great work out. I was trying to see if we could beat the time we had in the spring. We did the loop in 1:54 this spring today we did a 1:50 with a detour thrown in. Not too bad.
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