Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Nice Quiet Week...

I have been pretty much taking it easy since SSWC. It has been a long season for me and I am trying to rest up for 7 Springs 24 hr race next weekend. I did get out on the bike Wed. Rachael and I went out for nice easy ride at White Clay. She hasn't been out on the bike in a while but she still did very well. We had a good ride and a lot of fun.

I also got out today. I wanted to do about 2 - 2.5 hours. I met up with DenS, Jay Jay, Bill Doh! and John Thompson even joined us for a while. It was good to see John riding again,I know he was frustrated earlier this year, but he seems to be getting into shape pretty quickly.

We had a good ride today, nice pace and Bill Doh rocked out leading us down Shock and Awe. He said he's been riding there a lot.

I also start a job Monday, it should be cool but we will see.
Well I am done for now, Thanks for reading,

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