Monday, August 22, 2005


This past weekend was the SSWCo5 in beautiful State College, Pa. Over 400 single speeders blew into town for the event. The race drew some big names including, Travis Brown, Adam Craig (who raced Snow Shoe the day before) Barry Wicks ( also did Snow Shoe), Marla Streb, Keith Bontrager, and mountain bike icon and developer of the now popular 29er, Gary Fisher himself. I have been looking forward to this event for almost 2 years and it did not disappoint. Before I go into what this event was like I want to send a big thanks to Eric Roman and the rest of the Mt. Nittany Wheelworks crew for putting on a stellar world class event.

My weekend started Friday afternoon. I headed to Reading to pick up Wes the Conqueror, driving was the least I could do considering I was crashing at his parents house all weekend. I must pause once again to thank Mr. and Mrs. Shempf for having me and feeding me, they are truly good people, not to mention they waited nearly an hour after Wes finished to see me come in. That was really cool. We rolled into town about 7:30 pm had a nice dinner then crashed.

Saturday we headed to the shop to register then it was off to do a ride. Frank from Mt. Nittany asked if we would lead some folks around if we saw someone that looked lost. As we were ready to head out agroup of guys from Wisconsin asked us to show em' around. They were a good group of guys, and little did we know one of them would be the first guy across the line. It was a good ride even though I felt like shit.

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