Tuesday, August 23, 2005

SSWC05 Part 2...

I failed to mention quite a few things last night. One of the coolest parts of the race for me was being able to wear my new Spot jersey. Marc, Matt (run Forrest), Todd (local old guy with one gear) and myself were all very proud to be in black wool. Marc had a great ride and Todd wasn't far off of him. Matt was feeling the effects of a lot of beer the night before but still rode well. Fort James is coming into form as well. All of the IF chicks rode there asses off as well. Tiffany was 2nd and L Webb was 6th.

Bob Elam from Beans Bikes, had one of his best races, and he did it on someone else's bike. There were way too many Gary Fisher Rigs to chose from.

The after party and awards were a blast. I mean Free BEER, a really good Rockabilly band and a bunch of people reliving an awesome day. I got to meet some really cool people this weekend, whether it was on the trail or at the bar, I tried to talk to as many folks as possible. It was pretty amazing, I met people from all over the world all sharing the same passion for single speeds. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

I was also given the honor of choosing the random people for the Go-Kart race. That felt pretty cool, thanks to Eric for letting me play a role in the events of the day. Well I am done for now, but I am sure I will think of more to say later.
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Fort James said...

I am hungry, got any Spam????

SSWC05 was awesome. Glad we got to enjoy some of it together.

bob said...

Yo Buddy, thanks for the comments, but we all know it was "new bike syndrome" that was driving me that day.
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