Monday, September 05, 2005

7 Springs: We Came, We Raced, We WON!!!

Nothing Better than the top of the podium.

I have now done five 24 hour races and have been fortunate enough to win 3, not too bad. This team was awesome, fatmarc, L Webb, Dan The Man, and Slick Rick. We had a great supporting cast who I can't thank enough, Fitzy aka Johan who shuttled us back and forth, kept us updated, and was a master at predicting lap times. Ted Logic, kept our bikes clean and running smooth. Jeb Bagger, did whatever we needed and took some great pictures, not to mention he lived on Rock Star and chocolate covered expresso beans. You can check out for more info and some cool pics.

The race; I knew this was going to be a great team but I didn't expect to run away with it. We dominated from start to finish, in fact if it wasn't for a couple of mechanicals we could have won by 3 laps.

The first rotation went like clock work, Dan ran well and was 3rd on his bike, he also was 3rd to finish lap 1. Rick then through down the teams fastest lap I think it was a 1:10. I followed Slick Rick and felt great. Lauri went next and simply kicked ass. fatmarc was our closer and he laid down a blistering lap.

2nd rotation Dan broke his chain with 3.5 miles to go and still turned a 1:21, everybody else rode well and we pushed our lead to well over a lap.

3rd rotation; we seemed to be on cruise control. Everybody was riding well and consistent. L Webb had a flat but still kicked ass.


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