Monday, September 05, 2005

The last Lap.

We hit the last rotation, we pretty much have the win but would like to take 3rd overall. To do this we have to get L Webb out for the 19th lap. Dan goes out and rips it up, Slick Rick also hammered out a fast lap he passes me the band and I have 1:15:10 to get Lauri out for a lap. My fastest lap so far was my first at 1:18. I though I could do it but I would have to ride a perfect lap. I take off and I felt pretty good. I flew through the rock gardens but lost my bottle in the process. I see my team cheering me on and Slick Rick hooks me up with a bottle and I took off. I Took a lot of chances, never slowing down on the descents and hammering up the climbs. I never got passed on my previous laps, but on this one some guy got by me on the flat section and I used him as a rabbit. I came up on the spot where Dan broke his chain a real steep switch back that I only made on my first lap. The guy slips out and I went for it, not only did I make the climb but I dropped him in the process. I also noticed I was 8 minutes faster to this point that I had been on my last lap. I started to realize I really could do this and get Lauri out for another lap.

I get to the last climb. It is about 2 miles long with some really steep sections on my previous laps I would try to save a little for the last half mile which was the toughest part. I was feeling pretty good and knew this was it so I gave it everything I had. I get to the section where I get off and walk a bit and there is Jeb Bagger cheering me on, he even started riding along side of me. I hop back on the bike and I can hear Dan saying HERE HE COMES. I know it is going to be close and even though I was hurting really, really bad I just kept pushing. Dan is calling out how much Time I have as he running along side of me. It was amazing everybody was cheering me on and pulling for me. As I make the turn onto the grass section I hear a guy say " Shift Down, oh you can't do that" Ted starts running with me too, there were people I didn't even know running along side of me. I have to tell you I was hurting soo bad I wanted to cry but I kept pushing, I was riding on the energy from the crowd, I had to have been because my legs were done and I don't even think I could breath. I heard Wes yell " Get Out of The saddle" I stood up and some how found a little more. I felt like I wasn't going any where but I was told I was flying up the last part. I am almost to the tent and I see Lauri with a beer and proceeded to ride right by her. I get to the tent and it was too late. 12:00 had come and I missed it by 20 seconds. I got off my bike and just collapsed. I have never pushed so hard in my life. In the end I turned a 1:15:30, my fastest lap of the race. I have to tell you it was one of the most incredible feelings I have ever had, I remember laying on the ground wishing Rachael could have been here with me, at least I had my team there, Oh and I did get that beer from Lauri, man was it good.

I loved this race, the course was awesome, and the event was well run. I can't say enough about the team, we all supported each other, had a great time and just kicked ass. Of course we could not have done it with out our support, Fitzy, Ted and Jeffery were awesome, thank you guys. This will go down as one of the best.
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fatmarc said...

you captured the final climb so, that is awesome. That was one of the coolest things I ever saw...