Sunday, September 11, 2005

I didn't even get upset when I stuck my foot through my back wheel and broke a spoke. Matt and Dave were very patient, waiting for me when I needed a break. The important thing is that Dave was digging the trails, and had a blast riding.

Later that after noon Rachael and I met up with Matt, Amy and Hunter at the Kennett mushroom festival. I was surprised by how crowded it was. Rachael and I had the same observation, most of the people in attendance were severely over weight. Like Matt I was starving so we ducked inot the Half Moon for lunch. Unlike the streets of Kennett there was no crowd in the restaurant. We had a good lunch and ventured through the festival some more.

Another great ride. This time we hit Fair Hill with Bill Doh and his buddy Bob. The big difference was I felt a whole lot better today. Matt led us on a great loop. We hit all the fun trails and since I hadn't ridden at Fair Hill in a while, it was really cool. The one thing I noticed most was just how dry the trails are. The turns are like powder, and if you aren't at the front you are eating dust. I hate to say it but we need a little rain, just to knock down the dust.

The last thing on my plate today is whether or not I am doing the last MASS race. I have a legitimate shot at winning the Elite Single Speed class. However, the race is the same day as the Eagles home opener. I am a 7 year season ticket holder and I have never missed the home opener. I know for folks that are not into football it is an easy choice, but I am into football. Being the Elite Single Speed champion would be a big cool, but it wasn't my goal at the beginning of the season. I am open for suggestions.

Well that is it for now, thanks for reading,


Chris Allen said...

If you have a chance to take down the all mighty Wes... Then do it!!! Give the tickets to me... Wait Shit, I am racing that day as well.... Tough Choice

Anonymous said...

I think as a member of the Spot Brand Whore Army it is your responsibilty to win that shit.

Buddy said...

I have sold my tickets and I will be racing on Suday.