Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Road to Recovery, and More Reflections

I got back on the bike today for a little recovery ride. I rode solo and took it real easy, and felt surprisingly good.

I have also had a bad case of post race depression. I am not alone, it seems everyone from the team is having the same feelings. I keep questioning things; did I ride as hard as I could have on my first 3 laps, What if I did this or that different. This is Crazy We won the freaking race. I suppose when you spend that much energy and emotion in such a short period of time you end up with a lot left over. I still think this is nuts, I can't stop reliving the race. I can remember every second of every lap like it just happened. I hope it stays that way because this with out a doubt my best race ever, and certainly on one of the best teams ever. I am looking forward to Friday night. We are going to get together again and share pictures over some burgers and beers. It should be fun because we can share these moments with some loved ones and friends.

Well I am done for now, Thanks for reading,

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