Monday, October 24, 2005

Getting Sucked in...

Tree Farm takes the win at Granogue.

Saturday was the Granogue cross race. I always volunteer to help Tom McDaniel out. He puts on one hell of an event, I am glad to be a small part of it. This year he out did himself. Not only was the weather typical cross weather, but the course was muddy, slick, hard and really fun. I decided to race the mens C race on my single speed mountain bike. I wasn't out to win I just thought it would be fun. There was like 45 or 50 people in the C class. I lined up behind Fort James and Fitzy. I was immediately spun out because the start was on a flat road. I still managed to hit the grass in the top 25. From that point it didn't take me long to move up. I tried to help James but he was not at his best. I evevtually worked my way up to 5th. I stayed there until the last half of the finishing straight, where a guy caught me, again I was spun out.

Congrats to Joe Foley for a nice win. He was in a lead group of 3 when two of them crashed and he attacked and never got caught.

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