Sunday, October 30, 2005

There were a lot of good costumes. What did I go as, well I kind of took the easy way out.

I went as the retired fat, fat beer drinking Lance Armstrong and Rachael was my Hot Rockstar Girl Friend.
We had a lot of fun as always. Jeff goes nuts with his decorations.

It was a fun night.

Today I decided to do a low key Mountain bike race. It was at Marsh Creek state park near Downingtown. I haven't raced or trained in a long time so I didn't have high expectations. There were quite a few people I knew racing in the expert class today. Which was basically one big class. Having not raced in a while, I was abit unorganized this morning. I even forgot my bike shorts. Luckily I called Big Ben, who called Marcus ( Mark was doing the race) and got him to hook me up with a pair of shorts. I did a pre ride lap, the course was short (3.8 miles) and mostly flat, with two climbs one of which was pretty tough.

We lined up for the start and took off. I was actually 3rd into the single track right behind John Miller and Kevin Friberger. After a while a couple of guys on geared bikes caught us. Marcus was one of them but he had mechanical issues and bailed out. I rode with John, we worked together for 3 out of the 5 laps, we were both on single speeds. The start of the little climb on the 4th lap I cracked. Both legs locked up and I watched John pull away. I tried to back off and recover but it was to late. I did manage to hold off most people only 2 guys caught me on the last lap. I think I was 7th.

I have some advice for people. Do Not race when you haven't been training because it really hurts. Oh Well, it was a lot of fun and i guess that is what matters.

Well I have to go mope around since the Eagles got their asses kicked today.
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