Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad Football, but Some Good Ridin'...

My beloved Eagles are in a bad way. There biggest distraction, who is also there best player, is gone. Maybe they can rally together and finish strong. Yeah Right.

I decided to hit the Tuesday Night Titans ride this week. I was glad I did. We had a small, but fun group; Todd the Destroyer, Paul (king of the mountain) G, and Smelly Uncle Jay. Matt showed up but forgot a part for his light so he never got started. Todd led a nice moderate pace, we hit all of middle run Twice. Loops I Did It Again. It was alot of fun. I watched Paul make it up a hill I have never seen anyone make before, very impressive.

There was a kind of awkward moment to the evening. As I was getting dressed I saw Craig pull in. I know he saw me but he never even glanced in my direction. After a few minutes I said " Hey Craig, How you doing" Without even looking up he said OK and that was the end of that. I don't know what I ever did to the guy, and framkly I don't care, But, Get Over IT and GROW UP.

Now for tonights ride. Big group of Todd the Destroyer, Matt run Forrest, and myself. We rolled out of Todd's and hit Rittenhouse. I love Rittenhouse, the trail is always changing and always fun as hell. The fallen leaves mde things especially interesting this evening. The leaves were even worse at Iron Hill, seeing the trail was almost impossible, which makes for a lot of fun.

Well it is time for bed. Thanks for reading,

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Frank Brigandi said...

that hill you are talking about, is it the up from that weird Slider thing where you slide down then zippity-doodah through a tiny stream thingy? ONe of the guys we ride with made off. A great rider he is.