Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Victorious End to a Great Weekend...

Saturday was kind of like a family reunion ride. Pictured from the left: Andrew, Keith (Bobby's boy) Fitzy, Alan. Jay, Fuz, and John C. Not in the picture but present were Matty T, Ted Logic and myself, later we picked up Todd. Our goal was to put together a 35 mile loop that was a mostly single track and didn't cross it's self. Ted led the way, he put the hammer down right out of the blocks. I was riding his wheel and let him know he had a big gap early. We re-grouped and rode on. About an hour in we picked up Todd, and it didn't take him long to blow things up. He attacked early and at first nobody went, but then I started to chase and John C came with me. After an hour Todd bailed but the damage was done. Our group of 11 was down to 7. We kept the pace steady from then on. Before I knew it, it was Matt, Ted and I left. We finished the projected loop. In the end it was 33 miles in 3:30. Not bad for November.

For some reason I decided to ride again today. I met up with Mike K, and get this now, fatmarc. Marc decided to skip the 2nd of a double cross weekend. It was good to see him on a mountain bike again. I was really hurting today, but I hung on pretty well. It was a short ride, but sometimes it is more about quality than quantity.

In the afternoon Rachael and I went hiking at Marsh Creek. This was my idea and I also thought it would be a good idea to hit Victory on the way home. My wife saw right through this, but was into it any way. It was nice to get out and enjoy the brilliant fall colors.

After our nice hike we headed for one of my favorite places for a bite to eat and a couple of Hop Wallops. Now if the Eagles could pull out a win tonight, this will be a perfect weekend.

Thanks for reading, Buddy

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CA said...

F the Eagles, F TO, F Football this year..... I guess I will just ride more on Sundays!