Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend Rides and Such...

Ryan, Mark, and Bill Doh! Enjoying the calm before the storm.

We have been lucky to have good weather lately, mild temps. and dry trails has added up to some quality rides.

I had planned to do the Victory ride on Wed. night, but the rain and cold made me change my mind (But Bob and some of the boys still toughed out a ride) Thurs. I met up with Todd for a little ride from his house. We rolled through Rittenhouse then headed for Iron Hill. We were stopped by some folks telling us the road was closed due to downed power lines. So we went to TGI Fridays for beers and food instead.

Saturday I went to Fair Hill expecting a little group, instead it was Jay Jay and I. We had a good ride took it easy and just had fun. As we were cruising along, we both noticed some strange noise coming from my bike. After a brief inspection we figured out it was loose spokes. I decided to just keep riding. Well, it got worse, in fact by the end of the ride there was no spoke tension left. Luckily Slick Rick and co. At Henry's had my other wheel fixed so I would be good to go for today.

Today we were headed for White Clay and Middle run. We also had a few guests. Bob, Mark, and Ryan (all Bean;s guys I ride with on Wed.) came down. The local contingent was Todd, Matty, John C, Mike K, and Bill Doh!.

The trails were very crowded today as people were enjoying a very nice day. This did not slow things down. Todd started off leading us out. The pace was brisk but not brutal, Todd later told me he wasn't feeling it toady. We lost Mike K. who was having back problems. I was trying to make sure we hit all the cool stuff. We did the crazy 8 trail, the Dragons Back (Todd decided to hit white Clay instead trying to save most of Middle Run for Tues. night) The pace picked up even more when Matty T took over. He was really laying down the pain. I thought for sure I was going to crack. I hung on and Matt paid for it on the boundary Trail when he took a bad line to pass some one in a different group. In the end I think the Bean's boys had a good ride. I did feel bad for Bob, I had him come to my house first not realizing he knew the area. I could have saved him some time, Sorry dude. At least now you know where we park for White Clay rides.

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