Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fun Filled Weekend...

This was indeed a busy weekend, but it was all fun. It all started Saturday morning with an early solo ride at White Clay and Middle Run. The trails at White Clay were very icy but I rode them anyway, Middle Run was a lot better but they started to thaw out on me.

Saturday night was filled with Partying, first on the agenda was Amy's parents open house. This was our third one and as always it was a lot of fun. Plenty of food and Thanks to Matt (run Forrest) plenty of good beer. It was good to see Ted and Gwen out as well. Just watching Teague and Hunter interact with each other was a blast. After a few beers and some very good food, Rachael and I headed to another party.
Slick Rick and his girlfriend Jen put on a very nice shindig. We got see lots of folks I hadn't seen in a while.

Paul and Todd were Spoted Whoring around at Rick's party.

After a a late night of partying Todd and I met for a very early ride this morning. We hooked up at 7:30am to ride Middle Run. The trails were in pretty good shape, nice and frozen with only a few patches of ice. We ere enjoying a nice ride when we came upon a guy running. He stopped and asked us if we had seen anybody else out running. Turns out there was an event going on. Apparently there is a group of people that enjoy running a lot. They were taking part in the Delaware 100. A cross country 100 mile trail run. I personally think that is insane, but what do I know. They were trying to round up the last couple of runners, who had been running since 7:00am Saturday. Now, we saw this guy at 8:30, so that means these last few had been running for 25 hours.

We hadn't seen anyone, but at the end of our very good ride, we saw the last guy out. He was nearing the end of his 100 mile journey. I just hope he pushed himself and finished.

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