Thursday, December 22, 2005

High Tech...

On Tuesday night we were hooked up to Verizon's new FiOS internet service. Man is it impressive. Way faster than our old satellite hookup, and it's also faster than DSL and cable. It was quite an adventure getting the service installed. First they had us scheduled wrong, no big deal. Then they were a little surprised when they saw the length of out driveway, about 1/2 a mile. When the guy started trenching and putting in the conduit he hit the power lines. Turns out they were marked wrong. Finally the Verizon people come out to hook us up. They send 2 guys to pull the fiber through 1850' of pipe. I ended up helping them pull the freakin' fiber in. And at last we are hooked up. I have to tell you it was a pain in the ass, but worth it. Plus, within a year we will be able to get our TV through the FiOS service. Watch Out, Comcast.

Last night I went out to do the Victory ride. Much to my surprise the trails were muck better, still tough in spots but overall a bunch of fun. Then of course the beer and food after. Nothing like a good ride with good people and then having a few good beers.

Rock On,


Michael K said...

How in the heck did you get FiOS living in the back woods on a dirt road. I live the the booming metro of Kennett and it's not available at my house. Give me a call or I'll drop you a line next week about FiOS as I want to get it if its faster than my Comcast cable hookup - I think I'm at 6 Mbps's

Anonymous said...

How long did you have to wait for FIOS after Verizon came and laid the lines? It's been 5 months (we're across from the elementary school in La Reserve) and nothing!

Andrew Peters