Sunday, January 08, 2006

2 Weeks of Hell...

I just got over the Cold from Hell. I have never had a cold last more than a week in my life. This one just wouldn't go away. I know others that have had it so it is going around, watch out for this one.

Since my cold is now gone I was able to ride two days in a row this weekend. Yesterday there was a ride from Paul and Lisa's house with a little team meeting after. The ride was supposed to be a fixed gear ride and only last about an hour and a half. Since my fixie isn't finished yet I was on my road bike. I wanted more ride time so I rode to Paul's from my house. It wasn't a bad ride except I went up the climb past Hy-Point Dairy, that had to be one of the hardest climbs I have ever done. I was the only one that showed up for the ride so it was just Paul, Lisa and I. They were on there fixies. I learned a good bit just watching them, and I can't wait to get mine done.

Today we decided to hit the trails of White Clay and Middle Run. Matt, Marc, Ted Logic and myself rode in from Matt's house. We met up with the rest of the gang at White Clay. Dan the Man, Fort James, Paul, Andrew, Jay Jay, Kurtee, DenS, Mike K, and later we picked up Mike, and also had a Fitzy sighting. I had the pleasure of leading most of the ride today. I was feeling pretty good but just tried to keep the pace steady. We stuck to middle run more because the trails at White Clay were a little soft. Middle Run was pretty good though. It was a fun ride with a great group as always. After about 2 hours I bonked, so the last hour was a bit of a death march.

Well it is back to couch for me,

Rock On,


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