Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve...

The day started with a nice big group ride at Elk Neck. The weather was looking a bit sketchy, but the held off until we were done our ride. In addition to Spot Whore 29er contingent (Matt, Marc, Fitzy, Paul and I) there were 2 other 29er single speeds. Dan the Man was sporting his new On-One 29er and Amy B. Was doing her first ride on a GF Rig. Marc has really started a trend here. Ted led us out today and was feeling a little feisty. I thought the ride was a lot better than last week because we new where we were going the whole time. This place doesn't have a lot of trails and we had to do a couple of sections twice, but It is still a lot of fun to ride there.

Rachael and I had planned on going out to a nice dinner and then sitting in with a bottle of champagne. Instead we were invited to Ted, Gwen's, and Teague's for a quiet gathering including Marc and Diane, Matt, Amy and Hunter. Ted was making home made Chili. I have to admit I was surprised, it was really good. We drank and ate and laughed. It is always nice to spend Holidays with good friends.

The domestic side of Ted Logic.

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BC the Doood said...

Buddy, that's a damn good picture of Ted. Makes me crack up. It looks like you caught him doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing (like cooking!).
Ride on man, hope you have a good 2006..