Saturday, March 25, 2006


Today was White Clay Bicycle clubs annual Icicle Metric Century (66 miles)
I have done this ride 4 times now, (many other times but not in an organized setting). Every year we seem to find a way to go a little faster that the year before. Today was no different. There are riders of every ability at this event, I enjoy seeing the Fat guy who rides once a month on the $7000.00 bike as well as the regular guy in jeans and a sweatshirt riding his comfort bike. There is always a good turn out from our little community. Today we had 2 groups head out. Andrew took the B group with Ted Logic, Gwen, Fitzy, L Web, Jeb Bagger, Tom McD, John Thompson, Rob and his wife(Beans riders), and a few other folks. Our group was Slick Rick, K Man, Single Speed Dan, Spot Paul, Kurtee, Fort James, Wayne Scott, and myself.

We rolled out pretty fast right at the start and my legs felt like lead weights, it took about an hour for them to feel better. The pace was very fast the whole time. Some folks decided to ride a bit more civilized. We caught on to Mark Wise and his little group, this was great. Mark pulled us a long at 25 miles an hour for 20 miles. Thanks Mark. I was feeling better but I knew the hard part was yet to come. The Landeburg section of this loop is always tough. Spot Paul slipped off the back a couple of times, only to fight his way back on. He even said to me giving in and letting us go wasn't an option.

We rolled into the finish in 3:30 with an avg. speed of 19.2. This was by far the fastest I have ever done the loop. We even did a little cool down ride which tacked on another 6 miles or so. I just hope I have something left for Granogue tomorrow.

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