Saturday, March 18, 2006

Our Community...

We had a really good ride today. An old friend was in town, Greg Burbidge was down from New Hampshire for the weekend. Also along for the ride was, Matt run Forrest Mike K Man, Kurtee, and Alan. The trails were dry and fast. We hit all of Middle Run, the Judge and White Clay. Greg hasn't ridden these trails in 2 years so he got to see a lot of new stuff. Gregg also mentioned how lucky we were to have a group like this to ride with. It is something we tend to take for granted. Our little community is really quite impressive. Not only do we have some of the finest trails right at our doorstep, we have some of the finest people to share them with.

Alan and Greg coming out of the Judge.

I took a few minutes and thought about this. We truly are lucky.
Tomorrow should be another fun group ride, lots of joking and laughing along with some super fun riding.

Rock on,

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