Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rakin' & Ridin'...

Went to Granogue today to do a little trail work and to get in a couple of laps. I tried to get in two laps yesterday but snapped a chain 2/3 of the way through my 2nd.

Since I am part of the group putting on the race, I volunteered to take care of a section. This pretty much consists of raking, so I spent an hour and a half of raking. Now it was time to suffer, I mean ride. It is easy to forget how hard Granogue is. I mean we only ride there for a month prior to the race then that's it. I had big dreams of churning out 3 laps today. This didn't happen. After 2 I was done. I will say the course is coming together nicely. Folks like Fuzzy, Alan and Fitzy have been working their asses of cutting in new single track. The race should be a big hit again as always.


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