Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday's Ride..

I thought today's ride was going to be a tall order after yesterday. I was right. We started at Granogue, because we put on the race we get to ride there. Granogue is a big reality check, considering the majority of my riding is White Clay and Fair Hill. Bottom line, Granogue is hard. I was joined by fatmarc, Slick Rick, Alan The cleaner, and Brent Biddle.

After a lap at Granogue we headed over to Brandywine. This is where it gets technical. There are a lot of fun rock gardens, and tough off camber stuff at Brandywine. Since I don't ride there that often I wasn't sure how me technique would be today. We all rode the rocks like we do it all the time. I even made a few climbs I never came close to before. Everybody was on there game today.

Alan the Cleaner trying a tough double log, you can't see the first.

He was the only one to even try it, and came really close a couple of times.

Marc said it best when he described this as one of the best rides of the year so far.

Well it is time to get back to my beer,

Rockin Out,


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