Sunday, March 05, 2006

White Clay with Beans The Magical Fruit...

Today's ride started pretty early for Matt run Forrest and I, we rolled out of his house at 7:30. The plan was to pick up people at The Ticking Tomb, which was fatmarc, Wes the Conqueror and Fort James. From there we headed to White Clay where we picked Up Brent Biddle, and host of Beans Boys. It was good to have Ben, Bob, Kevin, Rick, Chris, Marcus, and Rob join us today. The plan was an epic ride through White Clay Middle Run and maybe Fair Hill. Unfortunately things didn't work out that way. The trails started to thaw early so we decide to skip Middle run and try Rittenhouse. At that point Marc and Wes had to go so Matt and I were the only locals left. The trip to Rittenhouse meant a lot of riding on the road. More that I thought but it wasn't too bad. Rittenhouse was great and I think the Boys enjoyed it. I have to admit that on our wait back from Rittenhouse I was totally cooked.

I was supposed to be on a rest week, instead I ended up with 8 hours on the mountain bike this weekend. Maybe I will rest next week.

Ridin' the Couch,


Andy said...

I see a couple of lefties in the pic. Do you recomend the lefty fork or should I look elsewhere?

Buddy said...

I do not know a whole lot about the lefty, but I will say the people i know that ride them, love them.