Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Results Are In....

After nearly a week of wondering how we finished up at the Running Of The Dogs Race. The results were posted last night. Half way through our 5th and last lap Marc and I had decided we were done. We had lost track of where we were in the pecking order, we didn't even know how many expert duo teams there were. As it turns out there were 7 expert duo teams, and can you guess how we did? That's right we Fucking Won! On that cold wet day the only thing on my mind was getting warm and getting home. I don't think anybody stuck around long. So it is just my luck, the first time I win an expert race, Hell the first time I won a race other than a 24 hour, and we didn't get a chance to stand on the top of the Podium. Just knowing that we won is enough for me, but it would be nice if they mailed us our water bottles or what ever we did win.

The big week on the bike continued yesterday and today. Yesterday I rode with Fitzy, and Chris, I have been partying for 8 months Vann. It was a good ride, I was feeling really strong. I managed to do almost the whole ride in the saddle. Plus it was good to see Chris out riding again, I hope we see more of him on the trails.

Today I would pay for yesterdays efforts. I met up with fatmarc, Slick Rick, Fitzy and Chris H from Beans. We rode a lap around the Granogue course, which seemed really soft and slow, or was that just me being soft and slow. After that Fitzy called it a day and the rest of us headed over to Brandywine to play on the rocks. Chris had never been on the trails we did, and I think he had a good ride. I was feeling like shit, I didn't even ride well in the rocks. It was still a lot of fun though, all except the car key incident. It seems I pulled the bone head move of locking them along with my camelbak in the car. We accuired a coat hanger, and after about a half hour of coat hanger lock wrestling my keys were freed.

Another 3 hour ride tomorrow and then a rest week before Michaux.
Time to Veg,

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Glibbidy said...

Is the Mark you are racing with Elk?
That's so bad ass that you one. I used to race expert before I had children and typically got shelled most of the time.