Friday, April 28, 2006

The Ride Home...

This may appear to be just an ordinary flat tire, but I can assure you it is not. While slowing down for one of the traffic circles on our way home from Michaux, Fitzy and I felt my truck bucking and making some loud noise. Fitz though someone rear ended us but there was no one behind us. As soon as I could I stopped and got out to look thing over. I saw that I had a flat. I quickly called Matt and let him know, so he wouldn't take off, then I started to change the tire. I was getting the jack set up while my boy Fitz worked on my lug nuts. Fitz said " Dude this doesn't look right, something is wrong here" After I fought with the flimsy ass jack that comes with the truck and we got the tire off I noticed he was right. The inside of my wheel was cracked in 3 places. I'm thinking how the fuck did that happen. Then we noticed the brake caliper was missing a bolt and must have flew up into the wheel. Not to mention the hoist mechanism that holds the spare tire was fucked up as well, so I couldn't get the spare down.

I now realized I wasn't driving home, Matt and L Webb went to call the tow truck while the rest of us waited. My truck was towed to the closest Chevy dealer for a reasonable price. The dealer fixed my brake, and got my spare put on for a reasonable price. Now came the bitch part of it all. Tuesday night Rachael had to drive me the 2 hours to pick up my truck then we had to drive back home.

I lucked onto a replacement wheel on ebay, so now I just have to get 2 new tires and a new spare hoist and I will be as good as new. All I can say now is Thank God It's Friday.



Andy said...

car trouble sucks. always good to have friends around when things go wrong.

Jason said...

Man, that sucks! Good luck with all that. JM