Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Race, Another EPIC...

Yesterday was Michayx Maximus the 1st in a 3 race series, and probably the hardest. Last year I didn't do any of the Michaux races, and I felt like I missed something. Each race is one long loop and each race is different. It is with out a doubt the toughest terrain in the region. If you have raced there before you know what I am talking about, if not, you don't know what you are missing. Jeremiah Bishop has said it is his favorite race of all.

The Michaux Mega Series has what they call the Monster. This is a 35 mile race on some of the most fun and most technical trails this fine land has to offer, not to mention a shit load of climbing. This year they made this the money event, which is divided into a few classes including mine, Single Speed. I lined up with 3 of my team mates, Mark Elk, Elsasser, Matt Run Forrest and Fitzy, who was coming off of the 6 hour race at French Creek the day before. We were also joined by L webb and Ted Logic.

At first it seemed like the rain from the previous day had no effect on the course. I found myself in the back of the group at the start. I tried to work my way up as much as possible before the single track, I didn't get quite far enough. I found myself picking my way through a lot of people that were having problems in the rocks. After about 20 minutes I caught up to Mat. We rode together fot a while, then he got away from me. I knew this was a long race so I was trying to keep my efforts calculated. The course was great and I was having a blast. I got to a trail called Graveyard Ridge, and all of the sudden the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up and the temperature started dropping. Not soon after the rain started. I don't think it ever really poured but it was certainly coming down steady.

Eventually I caught back up to Matt and we rode together some more, we hit a 3 mile trail and just ripped it up. The Spot Brand 29ers were chewing up the rocks like they were nothing. While climbing a sick long fire road I realized my back tire was very low on air. I stopped to fix it and sent Matt on his way. I wasn't feeling to good at that point anyway.

About 3+ hours in I started to feel a little better. I happened onto Matt again only this time he was fixing a flat. FYI Stan's only works if you replenish it once in a while. At that point i also passed Marcus from Beans. I was feeling better by the minute so I started pushing it. This was a bad idea, at about 4 hours in I was feeling the bonk coming, but I knew I was near the end. The last 2 miles are fire road that is slightly up hill. I felt like I was never goint too see the finish. Then I looked ahead, and i could of sworn I saw Matt. I was thinking, that can't be. Sure enought it was. Fitzy was standing near the finish and let me know Matt was 30 seconds in front of me. Turns he, like many missed about a mile section of the course. Matt did the honorable thing and told the people running the race, and since a lot of folks did it they just gave them a 10 minute pennalty instead of DQing them. So int the end I ended up 5th, Matt was 6th,( and would have beat me if not for the flat) and Elk rocked out in 2nd. A very good day fro the Mighty, Mighty Spot Brand Team.
Stay tuned for the tail of the ride home, you wont be disappointed.

Well it is time for dinner so,


Jason said...

Sweet finish! I've heard many a tale of that race. Great report too.

I'll be at Lodi in 2 weeks too. See you there. JM

Glibbidy said...

Ahhhh epic races. I long to be in the saddle and racing again...maybe cross season is my ticket.

Sounds like you had sooo much fun!

Tyler K said...

hey uncle bud my new email is give me a buzz, Ty