Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Random Thoughts On Lodi...

Now that I have had time to reflect and recover, I have had a few more things to say. I live in a region that is dominated by The Mid-Atlantic Super Series. The MASS has lost sight of the whole grass roots racing idea. They have grown into something much more corporate. The folks at Lodi Farms put on a fantastic Grass Roots race. They understand what this sport is all about. It is not about who your sponsors are or how big your event is, even though these are both very important, it is about the people that show up to race. It is about the folks that come out and volunteer. It is about standing back when it is over and seeing all the smiling faces. I really loved this race. The course, the people and just the whole atmosphere surrounding it all.

This is Matt run Forrest, and Spot Paul on the first lap. Those spots you on the pictures (besides the ones they are riding) is pollen. It was so bad you could taste it. No wonder Matt had an asthma attack.

The Smack talking around camp was great, there was never a shortage of sarcasm and big laughs. Events like this always lets you see people for who they really are. I feel lucky to race with people like fatmarc, Spot Paul, L Webb, Matt, Jeb Bagger, and Fitzy. These guys all know how hard these races are and they alwys know when to lend an encouraging word, or when to just step aside. I can't wait until the next one. Twelve O' Muchy, it should be a blast.



gwadzilla said...

great race
you kicked some ass out there

(even if you are from PA)

gwadzilla said...

big bear?

Alyson Wilson said...

Fun to eavesdrop on your race/crew/bike world... just found your blog while doing a little surfing. That pollen looked NASTY.

I'll be back to see what you've pedaled yourself into down the road!


Buddy said...

No Big Bear this year. It was in our original plans but you know how things change.